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Bora: The Build

Welcome to my Volkswagen Boras own website!

This website will take you through the progression of this car from a standard Bora to my Bora!

As more and more information is added to this site, I hope that it will be a great resource for Mk4 Golf/Bora owners.
There should also be a very detailed How-To guide for cruise control if another one is fitted, as when me and some friends fitted it following Foxy's guide there were some parts that were rather vague. So if/when we fit the next one (this will be the 5th!) I'll make an idiots guide to fitting CC.

As I have progressed through modifying my Bora I have wanted to do things that either haven't been done before (to my knowledge) or things that have no guides written for them. In either case I have tried to write a 'How To' guide which will be available on this site.
For obvious reasons, security upgrades have not been detailed or even mentioned on here.
This site is continually being updated as new mods are added, as it stands the current modifications have been added but details and photos of them are still being processed.

Thanks for looking!